Water Plant

The Water Plant is fully automated with a (SCADA) system, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.  This allows the operators complete control of the Water Plant operations.  As changes happen withthe quality of water received from the Little River, operators are able to see this with a trend chart which is updated continuously and make changes with chemical dosing to provide the best Quality of water for the Idabel customers.

Water Lines

IPWA workers using a hydraulic break on a 12" Ductile Iron water line.

View of pipe after break, with this clean break installation of a new valve was very simple. 

Installation of new valve and new piping to existing 12 inch transite water line.

Connection to a existing 12 inch line removes another dead end problem.


Waste Water Plant

The Idabel Waste Water Plant was originally built in 1972, in 1997 the plant was upgraded to meet new EPA requirements and future growth.  The Facility is fully automated with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which controls the facility at all times.  This Facility should be able to meet any future growth in the Idabel collection system.

Waste Water Lines



Sanitation Department (L to R): Michael Tatum, Ricky Shields, Myron Royal, Claydus Gaines, Brandon Gragg and Kevin Sullivan. Not pictured: Kevin Sheppard, Lyndell Johnson and Jesse Smith.

Sanitation Department: Michael Tatum, Ricky Shields, Myron Royal, Claydus Gaines, Lyndell Johnson
Tony Hill, Eduardo Meza, Robert Williams, Frankie Westbrook and kevin Grusendorf


The Sanitation Department works hard to accommodate the residential house hold and commercial trash. On a daily basis we dispatch trucks to service home and commercial accounts through out the City of Idabel. We also send out a crew to pick up recyclable items at certain locations, we have a dedicated recycle location that you can drop of items like plastics and cardboard at the Tractor Supply parking lot at 901 SouthEast Washington. We also send out roadside crews for clean up, please contact the Sanitation Department to nofify us of any problem areas and we will take care of those as quickly as possible.

In order to provide efficient service to all residents of Idabel, it is important for the residents to place their poly carts at the curb or next to the street in front of the residence as close to the road as possible, on your day of pick up please make sure you poly cart is ready for pick up at 7:00 am that day and you must remove the poly cart by 6:00 pm of the same day. Please do not put oil, hazardous chemicals or building material (bricks, concrete, boards, sheet rock, rocks or dirt, etc.) into poly carts. If your 65 gallon poly cart is not large enough for your needs please contact the Water Department for further options.

Thank you for your cooperation and support,

Tony Hill, Sanitation Supervisor

Roll Off Boxes

Roll Offs

We offer a Roll Off Rental Service.

We will need to evaluate the area for overhead limbs and power lines where the box is going to be set, for it takes an adequate amount of space to set a roll off box.

The prices are listed below:

10 Yd Roll Off box: $150 per dump with a 2 ton weight limit, overweight fee of $50 per ton over 2 tons.
20 Yd Roll Off box: $250 per dump with a 4 ton weight limit, overweight fee of $50 per ton over 4 tons.
30 Yd Roll Off box: $350 per dump with a 7 ton weight limit, overweight fee of $50 per ton over 7 tons.

Dumpster filled to rim only.

Payment must be made in advance, contracts are available at City Hall.  Your rental is based upon 14 days from the date the container is dropped off.  There is a $10 per day charge after the first 14 days.

Contact the Water Department with any questions: 580-286-5631